Produced by Plymouth Arts Centre, in partnership with the Atlantic Project, Leviathan is a site-specific installation at the Dome, on Plymouth Hoe, incorporating a series of films, intertwining themes of migration, mental health and marine welfare, including an episode made in Plymouth. Developed in dialogue with a wide range of marine biologists, oceanographers, political scientists, neurologists and trauma specialists, Leviathan explores the notions of marine welfare, migration and mental health, and their possible interconnections.

Public Programme

artificial islands
A talk by Dr Louise Firth


Louise Firth presented an opinion piece on her current research into artificial islands and their wider marine and technological implications. The talk took place within Shezad Dawood’s exhibition for The Atlantic Project, Leviathan, and curator Ben Borthwick introduced the exhibition’s themes and the artist’s interest in Louise’s research.


Louise Firth is Lecturer in Marine Ecology at University of Plymouth’s Marine Institute. Her research on ‘Marine environmental change’ covers three key areas: (1) conservation, urban ecology and ecological engineering; (2) biodiversity and climate change; and (3) marine community ecology. For more information click here.

Louise Firth: Artificial Islands